NHC Distributors, Inc.

2019 - 2020
UI Designer


NHC has a bustling warehouse for B2B and D2C customers—holding the largest inventory of outdoor power equipment parts in the Southeast. In a warehouse that large, leadership found it difficult to both keep an eye on incoming orders and to help their team on the floor. They needed an easy way to glance at total orders for the day and to pull up order details when issues arose.


Working with their software development team, I designed a branded, mobile user interface and base screens built around live data from their proprietary inventory software. The main focus was keeping all information to an 'at a glance' level, and I accomplished this by focusing only on the essentials and maximizing the leftover screen real estate.

Proposed to Polished

Concept to Prototype

Wanting to launch fast, NHC asked for a few specific screens to hit the ground running. Included in their brief were the requirements of an overview page with a "snapshot of data" and a more detailed order page. Flourish was not welcome here, and all of the layouts were focused around making the data easy to understand.

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". . . all projects are professional, on time, and so impressive. Once I get a project started with Natalie I can trust that it’s being done right and I don’t have to constantly monitor where she is on the projects, this is such a time saver and it allows me focus on other important things in my business. I recommend Natalie to anyone from website to print."

Michael Vaughn, President, NHC Distributors, Inc.