Rebranding, Website Design, Webflow Build, Lite Illustration & Custom Icons
2020 - 2021
Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Webflow Designer


In addition to a full rebrand, ShareTek (formerly True Mobile Health) wanted to meet the quickly rising demand of the B2B market for their at-home drug testing kits. Although receiving the exact same product as their D2C market, each sales channel had particular benefits and needs to be addressed.


I crafted an entirely new brand identity complete with guidelines, collateral, and some custom assets. Working with ShareTek's copywriter, we built a site architecture that gave each market its own funnel with respective content to ensure each type of user ended up in the correct place.

Proposed to Polished

Logo Concepts

Presented logo concepts to ShareTek from top to bottom, Concept A: The Update, Concept B: The Evolution, and Concept C: The Departure.

Using competitor research and an approved moodboard as a touchstone, I created three separate concepts for ShareTek's new logo. Concept A was an update of their previous logo (when they were still known as True Mobile Health). The three colored bars are repurposed into something more visually engaging and in a positive, upward direction. Concept B was more of an evolution, using a monoline logomark that reflects layers of care and support. Concept C was even further removed, playing on the idea that the center 'star' as the hard beginnings of recovery and that patients build layers of resilience around it.

Ultimately, Concept B was the chosen logo and dictated the visual imagery going forward.

Overhead view of ShareTek business cards for the CEO Steve Moak and some select pages from ShareTek's brand guide.

Website Architecture & Design

In order to ensure users ended up where they needed to be, we co-created a site architecture that frequently re-engaged users back on the right path. For the B2B market, their primary goal was making first contact for a demo request on bulk ordering and a separate portal. For the D2C market, their primary goal was to make a purchase of a kit. We took care to keep these funnels separate and answer as many questions as possible so that users would not tie up ShareTek's already overloaded communication channels.

Screenshots of the ShareTek website with the homepage and an interior page about how they serve treatment providers.
Showcase of some custom icons for ShareTek including a complete drug testing kits and some icons.
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