It’s Me—Natalie

I’m Natalie Sharma, and I’m a UX/UI Designer.

Designing solutions to complex problems is my happy place; stick me in chaos and I will find a way to rally and organize. I value design and function, and it’s a quality that never turns off. (i.e. I will critique restaurant menus at dinner.) Outside of work, I'm really into baking the perfect cheesecake, reading dystopian novels, and occasionally pulling out my former theatre kid skills to perform on stage.

Originally, I’m from Jackson, Mississippi, and I now live in the Bay Area with my husband, Rohit, and our Corgi, Milo. I’m an honors graduate of Mississippi University for Women with a BFA in Graphic Design. Since then I’ve acquired 10+ years of experience in design with a grab bag of professional work of making, enforcing, and breaking guidelines across digital and print mediums.

A black and white headshot of Natalie Sharma inside of a raindrop shape cutout.